5 Ways to Use Hemp CBD for the Most Benefit

You are probably reading this article because you are interested in trying CBD creams, oils, tinctures, edibles, or concentrates for the first time. For newcomers to the hemp world, all of these choices can seem overwhelming. Where do you even begin?

A growing body of research indicates there are numerous potential therapeutic applications of Cannabidiol (CBD) And suppliers are quickly responding to this increased demand. Today you can find a wide variety of hemp products. Greater selection is enabling consumers to find the right product to fit their needs.

Keep reading for 5 ways to use hemp CBD for the most benefit.


1. Inhaled

1 CBD Vap

Vaporizing CBD is one of the most popular methods of ingestion. A big draw of vaporizing is that it offers a similar experience to smoking but without the harsh side effects or byproducts. Vaporizers heat materials just enough to release the active compounds but still preserve the cannabinoid content.

But that’s not all…

Vaporizers also offer rapid delivery. Once inhaled, CBD enters the lungs and quickly makes its way into the bloodstream. The effects can usually be felt within minutes. This is a big bonus if you’re in need of quick relief.

DID YOU KNOW? At Truest You, our vaporizer is unique to the hemp market since we do not use any additives. Usually, companies cut CBD vaporizer products with vegetable glycerin. A typical 1 oz bottle contains anywhere from 10 mg CBD to 1,000 mg compared to a pure extract (ours contains 15,000 mg CBD per 1 oz).


2. Liposomal 

2 CBD Liposomes

Many people are finding that CBD liposomal supplements are also a great option because they support maximum cannabinoid delivery. 

What is a liposome? Liposomes are essentially little bubbles loaded with nutrients. What makes them so remarkable is that they have an extremely high bioavailability. In fact, liposomes have been used in medicine for years for this very reason. They are incredibly effective at delivering nutrients throughout the body.

While many methods of ingesting CBD are effective, liposomes may soon take over the market due to their incredible bioavailability.


3. Sublingual

3 CBD Sublingual

Searching for quick relief?

Taking CBD sublingually is a great option. When Cannabidiol is placed under the tongue and held for at least 90 seconds, the mucous membranes in the mouth quickly absorb it. Sublingual dosing completely bypasses the digestive system. Instead of waiting hours for the effects to take hold, it only takes a few minutes. Not to mention sublingual dosing is also discreet.

There’s no odor or smoke produced so it’s easy to consume on the go. 


4. Ingested

4 CBD Ingested

Hemp CBD oil can easily be added to most foods and drinks. Whether you love a smoothie first thing in the morning or a hot cup of coffee, you can easily make it Cannabidiol infused.

Now, it’s important to mention that ingesting CBD orally does cause a slightly delayed onset. This is because Cannabidiol must pass through the digestive tract, be metabolized by the liver, and then diffused into the bloodstream. However, this process is no different than taking other vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it’s easy to integrated Cannabidiol alongside other daily supplements.


5. Topical

5 CBD Topical

The benefits of CBD are not only internal. The topical application of Cannabidiol has also shown promising therapeutic potential.

While the research is still developing, evidence suggests CBD may be helpful for alleviating conditions such as:

How do CBD topicals work? Cannabidiol is absorbed into the skin for localized relief. Targeting tough spots and inflammation, CBD topicals may soothe a wide variety of skin conditions.

What is your favorite way to use hemp CBD? Let us know in the comments below!


**The following comments are not a representation of TruestYou. Our products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.**

I have been using the muscle rub for my RA pain. It’s amazing I can actually feel the pain melting melting away. It’s soothing smell is very relaxing and helps me sleep!

Mary Wood October 31, 2018

After extensive yard work my fiancé suffered an allergic reaction while removing a piney shrub. His arm was covered with red raised welts, almost resembling a bad case of poison ivy. I suggested your muscle rub and honestly within 20 minutes the rash almost disappeared. I have before and after pics which amazes me to this day. Thank you for this miracle herbal medication!

Linda Agasar July 20, 2018

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