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TruestYou Micronutrient Cell Test explaination

What's the Difference?

TruestYou analyzes the nutrient levels of your white blood cells, which are impervious to artificial spikes in your nutrient intake. Your body chemistry's shortcomings will be revealed, resulting in the most accurate diagnosis.


Test Your Deficiencies & Proficiencies in:

17 vitamins minerals


Vitamin A  //  Vitamin B1  //  Vitamin B2  //  Vitamin B3  //  Vitamin B6  //  Vitamin B12  //  Biotin  //  Folate  //  Pantothenate  //  Vitamin C  //  Vitamin D  //  Vitamin K  //  Calcium  //  Magnesium  //  Manganese  //  Zinc  //  Copper


11 acids and antioxidants


Asparagine  //  Glutamine  //  Serine  //  Oleic Acid  //  Alpha Lipoic Acid  //  Coenzyme Q10  //  Cysteine  //  Glutathione  //  Selenium  //  Vitamin E  //  Total Antioxidant Function


8 metabolites


Chromium  //  Fructose Sensitivity  //  Glucose-Insulin Metabolism  //  Choline  //  Inositol  //  Carnitine  //   Carbohydrate Metabolism  //  Immune Response Score


Easy to Read Results

Your Best Self in 1, 2, 3...Follow these 3 easy steps to start on the path to a nutrient-balanced life:

STEP #1: Test Kit
Your micronutrient test kit will arrive in the mail. LabCorp™ or Quest™ will draw your blood and send your kit out to be analyzed.

STEP #2: Diagnosis
You will receive an email with your test results and a diagnosis from our team of doctors.

STEP #3: Action Plan
You will be prescribed a detailed diet and supplement plan to address your identified deficiencies. You will be provided, at no additional cost, your initial supply of TruestYou grade supplements.

TruestYou Micronutrient Cell Test Kit

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